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A Work of Art Already Atrium

Magna Carta Holy Grail


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For this album I had Oceans recorded–lyrics on it and everything–for over a year. Soon as Watch The Throne was finished and then I had the track & the hook to Holy Grail way back then. So I can’t say I officially started then, I had pieces of music & ideas and then with Timberland we caught that vibe. It was a pretty short period of time - over a couple weeks - it was over maybe two weeks, maybe three and then it was done. It was like this 90s minimalist approach to music like how it would sound then but with the subject matters and sound of today. That’s why some of the imagery on the album cover is Laurence Fishburn King of New York in that old limo. It’s like that era when art & music were one - when Basquiat was hanging out with Madonna and Fab 5 Freddy and all those worlds were colliding. People will have to realize hip-hop & the arts were like this cause we were both outcast. We wasn’t allowed inside the galleries or inside Yankee Stadium. I can bring the arts and hip-hop back together with this sort of sound. This can actually be the sound of the album and that’s where it came from. That’s why you have songs like Versus and if you listen to it On The Run is very 90s sound.

Released: July 4, 2013

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