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A Work of Art Already Atrium



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You know before I started this album , I even just studied not just hip-hop, I studied any genre. I studied Price, I studied Michael. Bono had Beautiful Day when he was like 40 I think or maybe 42, you guys could do Googles but it’s somewhere around there he had Beautiful Day. Just like from the beginning of someone's career & making that sort of album that really means something, that touches the culture. Like a touchpoint, moves the conversation. I had to think about what I wanted to say–well it wasn’t this album at the time. I had to think about what was the next thing I wanted to say & I didn’t want to just make an album to just put out some music, I wanted it to be important. So it took me a minute to really get to that point & then when I came to the top of this year–January 3rd was the first day I… it was the beginning of this album. We made I wanna say “Kill JAY-Z” and maybe “OJ” - like the first two songs & then I knew I was like “ok I got the feeling I got the direction.” And then just real life– I was going through so much stuff that I had to– I’ve always been that way– just verbalize it in a way. It’s like my therapy making music. This album has a lot of topics. That's why it had to be so short it’s so condensed. It’s so dense with subject matter & all these other things that if it was longer you wouldn't be able to take it. It would wear you out. It had to get to a point really quickly and be as dense as it is. And then NO I.D. what he’s doing with the samples–he’s playing samples like jazz improv.

Released: June 30, 2017

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