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A Work of Art Already Atrium

The Blueprint 3


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With Blueprint 3 I wanted to make what I call a new classic. I wanted to make an album that was fresh of course & deaLs with current events and topics that’s happening right now but I wanted to go back to that thought pattern of making music with these lush arrangements & different sounds. Cause for me now if you listen to music, everyone has to rightfully so - I guess not rightfully so but understandably so it being so hard to sell records now everyone has to get on the radio because they’re trying to get the biggest impression that they can. In just doing my thing to add to the diversity of music - of our genre of music. I just wanted to make a statement. That’s why I made DOA. I made it not as a diss record, I made it as a challenge to the music industry. Let’s not get stuck on one thing. Rap music is about diversity like if you got on Nike’s I’m just going to rock Dunks and it’s all about every one contribution. I guess my favorites would be - I hope they make the album - a song called “Already Home” is pretty strong and “Forever Young” and “Venus Verses”... There just so many different songs I have no idea how I'm still recording. I don't know what makes the album at the end of the day. I think it’s an uneasiness with the song DOA in the hip-hop community and that’s… when I made the song I said it’s not politically correct. I knew it was offensive but I knew it was a challenge as well. And in hip-hop I don’t look at myself outside of it - I’m a part of the collective. I can’t say anything about hip-hop if I don't love it. I criticize it because I love it. I’m not just saying that to put down people I say it to challenge them to be better. It’s like having siblings. It’s a challenge for me and I know some people are uneasy about the record and that’s good. Some people are upset, some people are happy. That’s music; it should involve conversation, emotion and arguments & that’s when it’s done right.

Released: September 8, 2009

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