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A Work of Art Already Atrium

American Gangster


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The reason to make a conception album for American Gangster was–there’s a lot of people that could relate to that story and there’s a movie that's 2 hours, 2 and a half hours long about this subject, there’s so many different emotions that’s left untold. I took a scene in which T.I. who plays is Denzel’s nephew - there’s a pro ball scout and Denzel had it set up for him to meet with the Yankees and it was all set up. This guy was on his way to a legit life and be a superstar in his own right… So that emotion right there - we never got to see Denzel go to his room and cry you know or at least be reflective about it because that’s the last thing he wanted for his nephew. Those are things I would take - I would press pause on them and I would explain it. People know pretty much the shell of my story. That's why I was really excited about the movie because it took me back to a place I hadn't been for a minute and it just sparked all these ideas, and all these thoughts, and all these emotions that I wasn’t dealing with.

Released: November 6, 2007

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