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A Work of Art Already Atrium

The Black Album


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When I started to make The Back Album, I was just gonna make no videos, it was an artistic thing. But I had to give the people one last go round and I just really wanted to treat my first album like I treat my last album. I just really wanted to take the same approach - just have fun. I just really wanted to go through the whole career. This is my most introspective album. I just really wanted to dig deeper, even deeper than Blueprint. When pops died, I didn’t cry. You know that’s how it [Moment of Clarity] starts- “Pop’s died, didn’t cry, didn’t know him that well…” It just came from me being real about those feelings. When I went to the church & I seen him, my first thought was a smirk, I was smiling a little bit like yo this guy look so much like me. Like we look just alike & that’s what that verse is about. I had got pulled over one time and I was just caught in the wrong- I was so wrong. It was similar to the story in 99 Problems. Police can’t search your glove compartment or your trunk if it’s locked but the dog can come in if the dog smells it if they have a right to impound the car. But I think the dog was on another job or really far so they was like “Get out of here” Music is feeling. At the beginning of this album, that’s how I started. That was my thought, of course. I was thinking “I’m going to make this album perfect. I’m going to actually sit down and write it”. I thought I was going to write it but it’s music and it’s built off a vibe and I just vibe with the music. It ain't about “aw man I have to change that line - it’s the last one.” I just have to vibe with the music. It is what it is, it’s music.

Released: November 14, 2003

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