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A Work of Art Already Atrium

The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse


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I came off vacation, I did a couple songs, and I went right on tour for another month so I would say I recorded - roughly a little over a month I did all of the songs for this double album. I didn’t want to be influenced by nothing outside. I just wanted to be there. Whatever I was going through in my life, what I want for the future now, whatever, yata yata. This one I wanted to be about going to different places. That foundation was set so we doing rock songs & this type of songs and you know- music. This one don’t have a common theme. The music can go from Lenny Kravitz to Dr. Dre to Young Chris. I make an album, I have a song & if that person fits the zone then I call them up. If they with it, they with it - maybe sometimes they’re not. So you know I called him up, he was with it. So it’s his zone - it’s not me going to find - it ain't Lenny Kravitz & JAY-Z working together it’s the song- the song makes sense. It's not two names on the song - you can feel it. The song has soul.

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