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A Work of Art Already Atrium

Vol.3...Life And Times Of S. Carter


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I mean, this just like - this just sums everything up, that is why it was called the Life & Times of Shawn Carter. You know what I'm saying, all of the albums basically dealing with life, dealing with myself and the people around me. You know what I'm saying, so this joint just sums everything up, it completes the trilogy. People will really and understand - it’s called “Come and Get Me” 
I was driving around, I was in the projects one day and I was leaving the projects and everybody was like “yo you know, be careful la dah dah.” This is someplace where I grew up all my life, I've been having chains on, I’ve been going through this place since I was a kid. I grew up there. And for people to say that about that around my own way - it’s like you ain't been scheming on me, you ain't been doing nothing to me - what makes you think that because I sold 5 million records that you could do something to me? I'm not super man or anything like that - something can happen to me but it isn’t any easier. The same things that prevented you and held you up before should be the same things that should hold you up right now - you know what I mean. So that song was really true and I really did that song - I started thinking of the verses for that right there in the car. Right after the conversation I was a little frustrated about the whole thing - so it’s just things like that.

Released: December 28, 1999

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