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A Work of Art Already Atrium

Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life


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The new album ‘Hard Knock Life’ like - like 2 that’s that 3,6 - after we did the song Hard Knock Life I was like that would be just… that’s so appropriate for the whole album, you know what I mean cause we definitely took it back 360. Hard Knock Life - The track was taken from the broadway play Annie, it’s direct, it’s not redone. We took it straight off the record. These are all the things right here, you know, growing up, you know that like in the hook, when I first heard this song and they were singing, it just reminded me of growing up so much and all the hardships and everything, but you know, we existing within our situation, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s one of the songs that’s almost like a conversation for me. It’s not anything to think about. The chorus already dictates where the song should go & what should be said. So I'm sure I just - I probably did the song in 5 minutes. That’s for the people. Yeah that one right there is called the hard knock life, you know like the ghettos anthem.

Released: September 28, 1998

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