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A Work of Art Already Atrium

Reasonable Doubt


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I’m only thinking about doing one album so I had to really take my time with this one. We put a lot of work in the studio. I worked hard so I just want everybody to you know appreciate that. Appreciate the fact that I’m giving y'all my life on record, you know? You gotta really appreciate somebody for that. It’s nothing too far fetched on there - it’s actual. It’s things I’ve been through or someone real close to me has been through, things that affected my life so it’s real personal you know. For me to put that on wax that meant a lot to me so I hope it means a lot to the audience. Well you know me & Big we always see each other in passing. You Know I knew cat from high school - he would always say “what’s up. What up, what up, what up?”. He’s like “yo we gonna get together and put something down whether it be on your album or my album”. We about to do something for his album right now actually but you know we just went into the studio & put that down. It was cool to vibe. We was on some real, straight Brooklyn let’s bring it.

Released: June 25, 1996

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